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Things to do in Tampa with your family this Christmas

My girls are at the perfect age to really appreciate the holidays. They get into the cookie decorating and tree trimming and all things Christmas. Part of the fun is all the local events that take place during the year. There are so many fun things to do in Tampa with your family that I decided to put them all in one place. That way you can start planning your Holiday adventures without all of the hassle of searching multiple…

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Gift Guide for little girls 2018

Christmas gift guide

Each year I search and search for the perfect gifts for my girls. This doesn’t always mean the newest and coolest toys. My search consists of careful consideration of what is needed and useful, as well as fun too. As I think of quality over quantity I am reminded that during this season of giving, more is not always better. I tried to implement this in my gift guide for little girls this year. Each year we practice a way…

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Why It Took 6 Years For My Husband And I To Take A Trip Without Our 3 Kids And How We Decided We Were Finally Ready

It wasn’t like we planned it this way. Weeks turned into months and then finally we realized how much time had passed. My husband Scott and I, after being parents for six years, realized we had never spent an entire night together away from our kids. Sure we had date nights and home dates and tons of times to connect but we had never had an entire 24 hours to ourselves. A whole day to make each other a priority.…

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The Importance of Connecting with your Children

With every new parenting article I read I notice a re-occurring theme. The article could be about toddler temper tantrums or getting your child to sleep through the night. It could be about surviving the teen years or helping your kid do better in school. With the scroll of each page I notice one message being shared over and over again. CONNECTION. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I hear about this really simple concept all the time. It…

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The Greatest Showman Family Halloween Costumes

Greatest Showman Halloween Family Costumes

Guys this year was one for the record books. I’m acting all cool and composed now that’s it over but exactly two days ago i was a nervous wreck. I didn’t have one of the five costumes completely done and I could see my greatest showman dreams (or more like a million dreams) crumbing before my eyes. I somehow was able to pull it all together, with the help of so many, and it actually turned out better than I…

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Halloween lunch ideas for kids

halloween lunch ideas for kids

Halloween isn’t just about candy. There are plenty of ways to incorporate healthy options without compromising Halloween fun. I’m sharing some fun and easy Halloween lunch ideas for kids. Be sure to scroll down because I am also sharing some free lunch box notes for you to print and include in your little ones lunch box. I really love how easy it is to pack these festive lunches in our Stuck On You bento lunch box. These personalized lunch boxes…

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Spooky Smoothie – a healthy Halloween treat

I am always in search of festive Halloween treats that are also healthy. My kids have their fair share of candy during Halloween and I like to offset that with items that are not only good for them but also fun. This spooky smoothie is the perfect combo of both!   I came up with this smoothie on a whim and was shocked at how easy it was to make with items that I had around the house! We made…

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What you need to know before going to a NFL game with kids

NFL game with kids

We recently had the opportunity to attend a NFL football game with the kids. We went to TIAA Field in Jacksonville, Florida and had the best time. The Jaguars are my husbands favorite team so this was a dream come true. Thanks to Ocean Florida we had some great tickets and made this a fun filled day for the family. I have to say I was so impressed with the whole experience and can’t wait to take my family again.…

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What to expect at Creatures of the Night by ZooTampa

Halloween, my families favorite holiday. The whole month of October is filled with spooky activities and fun events to get the girls excited for the big night. Since my girls are still young I get a little nervous when deciding which events to take them too. At 6, 4, and 2 they don’t really love the really scary haunted houses or men with chainsaws jumping out at them so I am constantly on the hunt for a good mix of spooky…

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Must Have Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween is right around the corner! Can you believe it? In our house, we love reading bedtime stories and I try to keep seasonal books handy to make it a more fun experience for everyone. I pick up most of our books from the library and then I buy a few of the ones they adore each year to add to our collection There are so many fun Halloween books out there, that I could make a list a mile…

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