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5 tips for surviving toddler sleep regression

We are a family that loves a great set of pjs. We have always been huge fans of Carter’s and although this post is sponsored by Carter’s all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.   My baby girl Hazel has always been an amazing sleeper. Even from just a few months old she has given her mama some great nights sleep. Lately she has been going through a bit of sleep regression. That dreaded 2 year sleep regression we…

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Gift guide for the postpartum mom

This year, as I started my holiday shopping, I realized I had a lot of postpartum mothers in my life. This got me thinking about my three births and what I learned along the way. There were so many things that saved me after my third birth that I wish I knew after my first two. That is why I put together this little list. So maybe you have a postpartum mother in your life you want to buy for…

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Gift Guide For Little Girls

girls with santa

Every year I search and search for the perfect gift for my three little girls and every year I love sharing all the fun items I find with all of you.   This year I am doing things a little different. I am breaking up my gift guide in 4 parts. Here is why. In our house we have a rule in regards to how many gifts the girls get. We love spoiling our girls but we want their gifts…

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Finding Time For Myself As A Homeschooling Mom

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s, but the opinions expressed here are my own. The new McCafé espresso menu is available at participating McDonald’s.   Nothing comes before my coffee. I drag myself out of bed, never feeling like I got enough sleep even though I slept an uninterrupted 8 hours. The kind of tired I feel has nothing to do with sleep. As moms we carry so much on our shoulders and that heavy burden can be draining. When…

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Holiday Pillows For Under $10

I am in full Christmas decoration mode and that means even my couch needs a pop of Christmas spirit. I don’t have a huge budget so I went out looking for pillows on a budget and here is what I found. These are my top picks for holiday pillows and I hope one of them can find a place in your home.…

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Working out with kids – 5 tips to get you back on track

It’s no secret that working out has been very low on my priority list the past few years. When you have 3 babies in 3.5 years you make very little time for the gym. That being said I know how important it is to stay in shape and it isn’t always about loosing that baby weight. When I work out I feel better, sleep better, eat better. I have more energy and patience with my kids. I am more intimate…

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What’s In My Bag – Toddler Edition

    Recently I did a post about what I keep in my diaper bag where I share some items I can’t live without. So I thought it would be fun if I give you a little inside look into each of my toddlers bags so you can see what is most important to them. As my girls get older their independence flourishes and I try everything I can to foster that. One of the main things we do is…

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Chocolate candy cookie cups

  I have been thinking of ways to get rid of all the chocolate candy in our house. We love to bake cookies, especially the Immaculate Baking Company’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough so I thought “why not combine the two?”.   This is how Chocolate Candy Cookie Cup was born.   We will be making these and passing them around to friends and family as a thanksgiving treat to let them know we are thankful for them.   Have some…

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Visiting Orlando – A “Theme Park Free” Family Travel Guide

We live only an hour outside of Orlando and we love that we have this exciting destination right at our fingertips. Orlando is known for its world-renowned theme parks and once you have been you can totally understand why. They are pretty amazing. We have been Disney Season Ticket Passholders for the last 4 years and have been to all the parks more than we can count. For Lucille’s 5th birthday she asked for a family vacation to Orlando. The…

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DIY Toddler Halloween Costumes

DIY Toddler Costume

I am usually a “buy my costume off amazon” kind of gal but this year I challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone and try some DIY toddler costumes. I was so surprised with how easy they were to make, how little money they cost and how much fun I would have! Here are some easy DIY costumes I made for Hazel with tutorials. I hope this brings you a tiny bit of inspiration and try to make your…

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