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Farmhouse Pantry Makeover on a Budget

Farmhouse pantry makeover

It is DONE! IT IS FINALLY DONE. This might be the longest pantry renovation known to man and I am so excited to say it is finally finished. Whew! It wasn’t that this pantry makeover was difficult, actually it was super easy, but I searched far and wide to find the perfect farmhouse items to make it exactly how I wanted. I am proud to say it was worth the wait. If you have a cluttered pantry, full of ugly…

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5 Tips for Organizing A Pantry From a Professional Organizer

organizing your pantry

I just recently took on a project I had been dreaming about for years, renovating my pantry. Not only did I want to rip out the ugly wire shelves, I wanted to create a space that was beautiful and functional for my family. I feel like I did just that, well with a little bit of help. I had my friend Lex with Coastal Luxe Design not only help me design the space but show me how to keep in…

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Creating a Family Recycling Center

I recently had the opportunity to visit Single Stream Recyclers in Sarasota, thanks to the Carton Council, for a tour of the incredible facility. As a “recycling novice” I was so intrigued to learn all the things. I was especially excited to see the newest recycling robot that can now sort cartons. Not only did Single Stream Recyclers have one robot but they had six, which makes them one of the most innovative facilities in the world. I came home…

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Road Trip Must Haves For Kids

It’s summer, so that means family road trips. This year we have a few trips planned and I have been gearing up for too many hours in the car with 3 kids under 6. To avoid the “are we there yet” and temper tantrums I have a few things up my sleeve. Here are some of my road trip must haves for kids and what we always bring in the car with us to help keep the kiddos happy. Snack…

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My Future Is Bright – Kindergarten Graduation Party

Kindergarten Graduation Party

I can’t believe we finished our first full year of homeschool. It wasn’t easy but it sure was fun and I cant believe how much my girls changed and learned since the first day of the year. I wanted to let my girls know how proud I am of them and wanted to celebrate all they accomplished this year. That is why I decided to have a little end of the year celebration. We had a Kindergarten graduation party  (and…

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Everything you need to know about Perfect Day at CocoCay

Perfect Day at CocoCay

As we opened our eyes that morning, after our first night aboard Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas, we quickly realized that we weren’t moving. The ship docked and we knew that meant we were finally going to see what we have been patiently waiting for. Perfect Day at CocoCay! We opened up the sliding glass door to our balcony and as we peered to the right we saw her, the island filled with vibrant colors and waterslides so tall…

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Best Spring Dresses on Amazon

The weather is warming up and I am excited for all things spring. I was on a mission to freshen up my spring wardrobe but I don’t exactly have a huge budget. That is when I turned to my all time favorite site for easy (and inexpensive) shopping. To be honest Amazon was probably the last place I would have thought to search for the cutest new fashion pieces but after a few minutes I was completely surprised with how…

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Hazel’s My Little Pony Birthday Party

my little pony birthday party

My pony obsessed baby girl came to me a few weeks ago and said “mama, I want a my little pony birthday party”. Ooookkkkk?!?! This was all news to me and with her birthday just two weeks away I was not one bit prepared. As the third baby she usually gets the short end of the stick when it comes to birthday parties so I was determined to make this one extra special. I wanted to make this party as…

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Hollywood Studios Snack Tour – Part 1

Hollywood Studios snacks

Out of all 4 of the parks at Walt Disney World I am probably least familiar with Hollywood Studios. So what better way to get to know it a little better than with a snack tour! Since our Magic Kingdom snack tour was so much fun we decided that we would try to do one at all the parks and even Disney springs. Yesterday we hit up Hollywood Studios and although we didn’t have a lot of snacks I thought…

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Easter Basket For Little Girls

Easter basket for little girls

One of my favorite Holidays of the year, Easter. I love to spend time with family, go to church, and have our own little Easter egg hunt in our backyard. I also love to curated little Easter gifts to show my girls how much I love them. Each year they are a little different. I have done one for when they are babies, and then a pool/swimming theme, and this year we are doing a gardening theme. Here are some…

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