10 Things I am Really Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! What a great holiday, eating/family/more eating/football/more eating/napping/DESSERT, seriously it’s like the best day ever! Every pregnant girls dream. I have been perusing Facebook in between stuffing my face and I love seeing all of your pictures. I have to be honest though, I’m just seeing the same thing over and over, you are thankful for your family, your thankful for your good looking kids and charming husband, I get it. I am too. I really am. We all are. But can we be a little honest here?!? Are there maybe a few more items you aren’t divulging in your Facebook status? I think so.
I thought I would help by sharing “10 Things I am Really Thankful for this Thanksgiving”


1. Coffee – Ok do I need to say more? Oh you beautiful thing you! Warm and sweet (because half of it is creamer) and just the perfect start to the day. Who needs sleep when you have coffee, its basically the perfect alternative. I really think as moms we survive on half coffee, half goldfish picked out of the carpet. How could I live without it? It is a pretty important staple when your loading your two screaming kids in the car at 6am on Thanksgiving day. One sip and the noise blocks out for just 1 peaceful minute. Until you are hit in the back of the head with half a banana. UGHHH!

2. IPADS – Well any electronics really. Just to go back to my pre-baby self, oh how I would slap you for even implying you wouldn’t let your kids use electronics. HA HA. You hear that? That priceless, cherished thing called silence. Say goodbye to that FOREVER! Especially when you are in the car. If my kids playing with IPADS gets me 20 minutes of peace I will pay any price, including donating one of my organs. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the wonderful advancements in technology, and it allowing me to only reach into the back seat to break up an internal disput 3 times in 3 hours. That is an accomplishment.
3. Realizing that its Thanksgiving and I get to eat for TWO – My midwife tells me it doesn’t really mean “eating for two” but today I don’t care. I’m growing a life and that requires more calories. The calories today will far exceed what I probably consume in a week. That’s ok, I’m growing a life, right?!?! I’m just going to keep telling myself that as I finish my third serving of mashed potatoes and gravy.
4. Stretchy pants – Following #3 you would see why this is so important. I am so very thankful that it is socially acceptable for me to wear stretchy pants with an extra stretchy waistband because I’m pregnant.
5. Tums – Ok so you see where this is going. Too much coffee and too much food. Now I’m popping Tums like sweet-tarts. I should probably specify that I’m thankful for the tropical fruit flavor Tums. I would never survive today without them (or my entire pregnancy for that matter).
6. Wine – I know what you are thinking… what kind of mom is she? Wine while pregnant? No I am not drinking any wine. Despite that devastating fact and I still thankful for the beautiful drink from the gods because one day, in exactly (or around) 126 days, I will be consuming a lot of this beautiful elixir and for that I am really thankful.

7. Santa – I am thankful my kids believe in santa and he has such a powerful influence I can start using the “Santa is watching, you better behave” as early as Thanksgiving. AND IT WORKS! YES!
8. Bed time – this meme explains it all. Nothing left to say.

9. Football – Yes I said football. Our husbands are glued to the TV all day. After we are nice and full we get to online shop for hours on end and no one will look up to ask what we are doing.
10. Leftovers – Only Pinterest can show you how to use every course of your Thanksgiving meal for breakfast the next day. Turkey/Ham/Mashed Potato/Green Bean Casserole Breakfast Quiche. Thanksgiving is so good you can’t finish it all in one day. Ok Que. #4 and #5 again
Ok that’s it, or just all my pregnancy brain can retain right now. I would love to hear what you are really thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to my beautiful readers. Thank you for spending your day with me, even it’s just through the words on this page. I also want to mention that I am truly thankful for my two little girls, my little peanut on the way and my supportive husband. Hope you have a day filled with love and a lot of pumpkin pie.





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