22 Adventures in 2022

22 adventures in 2022

Have you ever gotten an idea in your head? Stuck so hard that you can’t stop thinking about it, planning about it, living it out, well that’s me right now. After everything that has happened in 2021, it has shown us that anything is possible. We have decided to take the biggest step in 2022. Stepping out of our comfort zone. We are going to be taking 22 adventures in 2022.

22 adventures can mean something different to everyone. It could be a more extravagant vacation for one person, or it could be something as simple as exploring your own city, but looking at it in a whole new way. Your adventure could mean taking a beach vacation far away with your kids, or right down the road. The adventures don’t have to be over the top or expensive. Go and visit a new park, visit a new area of the city you’ve never been to.

Whatever an adventure looks like to you and your family, I hope that you know you are capable of making this happen. With a little hard work and a whole lot of planning you can make this dream a reality as well. We encourage and challenge you to take this journey and make it your own. 2022 is going to be such a special year, come along with us and see what surprises we have up our sleeves.



Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take 22 Adventures in 2022. Download our free goal sheet and adventure tracker to get started.


22 Adventures can look different to everyone.

– Explore your city

– Visit familiar places in a whole new way

– Try something you haven’t before


Download our free goal sheet and adventure tracker to get started.

Why 22 adventures

Traveling is such an important part of our life. We have been traveling with our kids since the girls were babies. Since we homeschool our girls we are able to give them these experiences and let them learn from the world around them. Giving them new experiences that can sometimes make them uncomfortable, showing them that it is ok to do and try new things. There are often some sacrifices that come along with traveling as often as we do, and sometimes it is not easy. But it is always worth it.

Taking 22 adventures can be challenging. Here are some of our best hacks for finding deals and traveling with kids

The best travel backpacks

Homeschool makes our traveling possible. Read about our homeschooling journey here

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The first adventure of 2022 we took was to the Bocean Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This resort had beachfront views and stunning pools. And let’s not forget about my coconut drinks. But what about this trip was the most memorable and made it so special? I would have to say it was the brunch experience we had! On Sunday’s from 11-3 the ship themed bar turns into a family dining experience… WITH MERMAIDS.

While we enjoyed our delicious food, and I enjoyed the bottomless mimosas, mermaids appeared from the port holes along the walls. To say my girls were in love is an understatement. The mermaids put on a show for us, and interacted with us when we got close. There are even port holes on the side of the restaurant that are perfect for that special picture.

The price for this experience is $55 for Adults and $25 for kids. I would 10/10 recommend this experience.

If this sounds like something your kids would like, take a look at the full blog post about this trip for more information.

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Crystal River, Florida

On our second adventure of 2022 we took the hour drive north to Crystal River. We tried to pick adventures that would take us out of our comfort zone, and this experience definitely did that. Let me just say that I have always wanted to swim with manatees. And the Plantation on Crystal River is one of the few locations where you can experience this legally. We did a little exploring of the town, and checked out some of the great amenities the resort had to offer when we got there.

We woke up the next morning and headed over to the Adventure center to watch a safety video to make sure we were prepared and understood the rules. After that we all got into our wetsuits, which we were thankful for because it was 55 degrees that morning.

Everyone was very excited on the boat ride over, but once we got there the girls did not want to get in the water. The water was cold and murky and even though the manatees are gentle, they are big and can be intimidating. Eventually everyone got in, even if the girls had to get on our backs at times. I was so proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone!!

The key to swimming with the manatees that we learned from our safety video was, passive observation. You just snorkel and watch them. But then what happens is the more still and quiet and still you are, the more they approach you.

A few tips I picked up while doing this. Although there is no minimum age for this, I would recommend that your kids are comfortable swimming and wearing a snorkel. The wetsuit is required and the smallest size they come in is a size 6, so if you need one smaller you may

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