Summer and ice cream go hand in hand and if you are looking for a really fun activity and game to play with your kids for Pinterest Mom Summer, then this is it. My girls love playing this game in the backyard and at the beach. Use the instructions below and feel free to make it your own by adding colors or different decorations to spice it up. Catch the Scoop is to be an interactive and fun game for all ages. Hope it brings you some joy this summer!

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Materials Needed:

  • Plastic Scoop Ball Set 
  • Black Sharpie
  • Brown construction Paper
  • White or Clear Glue

How to Make Catch the Scoop

  • Draw waffle cone lines on your construction paper at an angle like this.
  • Take your construction paper and create a cone shape to fit around your catcher, like so. Repeat.
  • Be sure to allow the handle of the catcher to extend out of the cone to hold during the game.
  • Secure the paper to the bottom of the catcher above the handle with a generous amount of glue.
  • time to play Catch the Scoop!

How Catch the Scoop Game Works:

The player with the scoop of ice cream (waffle ball) calls out to the other player and yells order up and throws the scoop.

The second player tries to catch the scoop in the cone without dropping it.

For every caught scoop, a player gets a point and when the team reaches 25 points they win.

A great way to reward a win is by sharing a real scoop of their favorite ice cream.

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