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A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Disney World Vacation

planning a Disney World Vacation

While many vacations are more fun when you don’t do much planning, Disney is the exception to this rule. Lack of preparation can turn an enjoyable vacation into one where you end up spending most of your vacation waiting in long lines and not being able to find a table service restaurant. If you’ve never been to Disney before, here is a beginner’s guide to planning a Disney World vacation. Start planning your vacation early Disney is a costly place…

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Wizard of Oz costumes

Wizard of Oz Costumes for Little Girls

Halloween is right around the corner and it had me reminiscing about some of the fun ways we dressed up last year. Not only did we do our family costume…

why we homeschool

10 reasons why we choose to homeschool

This is such a big year for our family. This year we transition from a preschool at home family to an elementary school at home family! Yup, that’s right we…