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10 reasons why we choose to homeschool

why we homeschool

This is such a big year for our family. This year we transition from a preschool at home family to an elementary school at home family! Yup, that’s right we officially a have a Kindergartener on our hands.  I am equally excited and terrified, all at the same time. There is something about Kindergarten that seems so official. I’ve been homeschooling for years but for some reason now I feel like this is the real deal. Homeschool is something that…

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DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard

DIY farmhouse chalkboard

I am in the process of redoing our homeschool room and wanted a large chalkboard to use for parts of our lessons. Of course that meant I asked my husband…

how to season a chalkboard

How to season a chalkboard

I just completed a fun little project where I (actually my husband) made a farmhouse chalkboard. It was the perfect addition to our homeschool room and I was just so…

The Gray Ruby’s Favorite Christmas Books

For the past few years we have been collecting Christmas books. Every year, on Christmas Eve, Twinkle the elf brings the girls a Christmas book to read before they go…