Christmas Jammies

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I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am obsessed with Christmas jammies. If it was socially acceptable for me and my children to be seen out in public in our jammies at any given time of the day I would be the happiest girl alive. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite jammies for my girls. Hope you enjoy

One – Four:
These 2- piece sets are from Old Navy. I also loveTHIS SETandTHIS SET. You can find all the Christmas PjsHERE. I get a lot of my girls pjs from Old Navy. If you sign up for their email list you will know when they have their biggest sales. That is usually when I go and stock up. Get 40% off your purchase with code “GIVING” until 12/8. How cute are these sayings? These are so versatile I could use them after the holidays.
Five – Six:
These styles from Jcrew are really unique. FInd themHEREand another set I loveHERE.The set with the Christmas lights actually glows in the dark. How fun is that?!?
THIS SETis part of a family set. I LOVE dressing everyone up in matching jammies. We did last year and it was great for Christams morning pictures.
Eight – Ten:
These styles are from The Gap. The Bears (HERE) are one of my favorite prints this season. I also loveTHIS ONEandTHIS ONEbecause they can be used all year long. Remember code “GIVING” for 40% off at the Gap too.
Eleven –
** UPDATE: When I checked this morning some of the styles featured are currently sold out. I have highlighted some equally cute alternates. When I spoke to my Old Navy and Gap stores they said there is a chance these styles might return so I keep them up. I will update here as soon as I find out more**
Looking to find a matching family set? My favorites are from Hanna Anderson. Check out theseHEREandHERE. I also loveTHIS SETorTHIS SET(the shoes are hilarious) from Target.
Hope you find something you like and stay comfy and warm this holiday season!



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