Costumes for your Disney lover – 50% off and more!

Halloween is over.
What does that mean?
Eat your weight in white chocolate kitkats? Yes… OH YES!! But if you are anything like me you are already thinking about next year.
I searched high and low for the best “after halloween” sales and I found the jackpot.
The Disney store is offering huge discounts on all halloween costumes and accessories. There are some exclusions like some of the limited edition costumes (Jasmine, star wars, etc).

The last few years we had a Disney movie theme and I don’t see that changing since my kids LOVE DISNEY!
I know what you are thinking, everyone has costumes on sale, but the quality of the Disney costumes far exceeds any other one I have bought. My girls love to play in their costumes all year long so it’s worth the investment for me.
I featured the dresses we picked up for the girls but the selection is way bigger than just the Frozen items. Visit theDisneywebsite for more info.
Now the prices online are less than the prices in the store but once you factor in shipping it works out to be the same. If you are stockpiling then it’s worth it to buy online. I noticed about a 10% difference in the price online vs. the store.
Happy shopping!
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