The girls and I just worked on the cutest Easter craft idea. We have been really into gardening lately so I thought why not use all these leftover plastic Easter eggs to create little planters for our spring garden. The girls loved this idea and spent the afternoon planting some new vegetable seeds. I hope this video showing how we created these DIY Easter egg planters inspires you to garden with your kids this Easter.




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I’ve partnered with one of my favorite companies, @gogosqueez to share some fun activities to do as a family while you are at home. Today I am sharing how I used those plastic Easter eggs to make the most adorable planters. Here is what you do (swipe to see the video) 1. Use a hot glue gun to attach the bottom of the Easter egg to the top. We found having the long piece on the top gave us more room for planting. 2. Add a little bit of soil to your egg 3. Gently place your favorite seeds 4. Add more soil on top 5. Use a dropper to add water, that way you don’t use too much 6. Place them close to a window and transfer to a larger planter once it outgrows your egg. I hope you and your family have so much fun with this Easter activity. What is your favorite Easter activity to do as a family? Let me know in the comments. #betime #gogosqueezpartner

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