Time to get back to some crafting here at Pinterest Mom Summer. Not sure about your kids, but my girls jump at the opportunity to make anything! They are also really into tie dye right now so this is a great fit. Follow along with us as we create a very useful and artistic DIY Tie Dye Towel.

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What You Will Need:

  • Tie Dye Kit
  • Rubber Gloves 
  • White Terry Cloth Towels
  • Duct 
  • Disposable Table Cloth

Making a DIY Tie Dye Towel:

  • Cover your workspace with the disposable table cloth to help with protection and cleanup.


  • With duct tape, add your design, artwork or your name to the towel.


  • Put on your gloves and start applying the colors to your towel.

    (If you want a rainbow, start in one corner and move from color to color)


  • Allow the towel to air dry. Repeat on the back of the towel if you choose. Let dry again.


  • After both sides are dry, remove the tape and rinse the towel in cold water.


  • Once dry for the last time, grab your towel and head to the beach for Pinterest Mom Summer!!!



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