Dressing Your Bump – Maternity Clothes For The Modern Mother

Who says you can’t be cute and comfortable while pregnant? Goodbye to the days of moo moos and say “Hello” toPinkBlush Maternity. I’ve partnered with PinkBlush to share my tips on how to make the most of your maternity wardrobe through your entire pregnancy.

If you haven’t heard ofPinkBlush Maternityyou are missing out. They offer the modern mother a stylish option for her maternity style. I love how the pieces are so easy to transition from your first trimester all the way until full term, and even post baby too! Style and comfort are equally important andPinkBlush Maternityoffers you both.
I hope you find these tips helpful. As your body changes it’s hard to adapt and stay within budget. These are the tips that helped me through all 3 of my pregnancies and I hope they will help you too. Pregnancy makes us beautiful, now I hope you can find a few things here to help accentuate that beauty. Be sure to read until the end to see the special surprise we have in store for you!
Tip 1: Invest in a great pair of jeans

Don’t blame being pregnant on falling in the “mom jean rut”. There are so many comfortable and stylish options for you. Theseskinny jeansare a basic piece that you will use your entire pregnancy and can keep you looking stylish. My daily mom wardrobe consists of adark skinny jean, T-shirt and pair of Chucks, comfortable and versatile for running after the kids. The elastic waistband onthis pairis a life-saver, trust me you will want to wear these long after baby arrives. Is having too much pizza an excuse to busttheseout again?! It’s totally acceptable in my book.
I love the dark wash ofthis pair, to me a darker wash always looks more pulled together. It doesn’t hurt that it helps make me look a little slimmer too. If you are going out for date night or running with the kids to the grocery store this versatile pair of jeans can do so much. A great investment and at this price you can even grab two!
Tip 2: Think about longevity
How long will you be able to wear this? It might look great now but will it still fit that growing bump? How about after the baby? Can you use this again? Is this a one time date night top or something you can incorporate into your wardrobe everyday? These are all questions you should ask yourself to get the most bang for your buck.

I love thisShort Sleeve Tee. I wanted to show you how it looks while pregnant and then after because a lot of the pieces I invest in are those I can wear after the baby is born. If this is your first baby you might not know that your bump doesn’t exactly disappear after baby makes her debut. Finding flattering tops is just as difficult after baby. This shirt is sure to fit right into my mommy wardrobe rotation. Comfortable and easy while looking like I might have it all together (when most days I don’t).

When you start to get a bigger belly you will love being in dresses. They are comfortable, easy and super stretchy. I love how thisIvory Grey Stripped Fitted Maternity Dresslooks with a pair of sneakers or some cute wedges to grab dinner with my man.
Tip 3: Layer

Layers are your best friend. Add thisIvory Floral Lace Cardiganto a dress or your favorite jeans and cami (I LOVE THIS ONE) and you have just elevated your entire outfit. What I love about it best is there is nothing really maternity about it so you can easily transition this into your post baby wardrobe. Plus cardigans likethis onehave a way of hiding all those little imperfections and help give a slimmer silhouette.

This is another one that I am absolutely obsessed with. ThisMint Green Kimonois just gorgeous. Plus it is super slimming, you can barely tell she has a bump.
Tip 4: Comfort, think about life after baby

When you have a newborn on your hands all you want is comfort. Your days turn into nights, your nights turn into days and the best thing is to invest in a some comfortable sleepwear that’s not going to make the mailman scream when you show up at the door. Truthfully I dress like this now and baby isn’t even here yet 😉 ThisBlack Lace Trim Pajama topis perfect for the nursing mom and looks great.

This robewill make your life so much easier, plus think how easy it will be to nurse your baby too. Hey if it was socially acceptable I would even wearthis gorgeous pieceto the grocery store, hey don’t judge me, I am all about the comfort.
Tip 5: Find something that makes you feel special

Growing little humans is hard work and it is hard to see your body change right before your eyes. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Hey, you make and grow and feed little babies, that is pretty much a super power so you deserve it.

In this picture I am 39.5 weeks pregnant, yup almost full term, and I feel so comfortable and beautiful in this dress. I thought it would be impossible to feel anything but huge this far along but this dress fits like a glove. I love how even the lace at the top is stretchy so I don’t feel confined at all. If you are looking for that perfect baby shower dress or want an everyday look that is a little more elegant, this is the dress for you. Pair it with a jean jacket and you instantly get a dressed down look perfect for lunch with your girlfriends.
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