Are you guys ready for an activity that involves one of Easter’s most iconic sweets? Yep, Peeps! They are super inexpensive, come in several festive colors, and kids love them.  I’ve already made them twice with the girls and they love it so much.  Watch my video to see how you too can make this awesome Edible Peeps Playdoh.

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@mrsblinksEdible peeps playdoh!! Such a fun Easter activity ##pinterestmomtiktok ##easteractivities thank you @athomewithshannon for the idea

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Shout outs…

Garland: @pearlandjane
Plate and bunny measuring spoon: @target
Inspired by: @athomewith.shannon


Here is what you do:
1) start off with a package of 5 peeps
2) add 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar (You might have to add a tiny bit more if it is too sticky)
3) add in half a tablespoon of coconut oil
4) microwave for 20 seconds and knead until ready!

It’s that easy! Such a fun activity for Easter, plus it’s a great snack to reward with later!

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