We are in full swing with our homeschooling journey and I am learning so much every single day about what it means to homeschool 3 children.

The most challenging part of my day has to be engaging with all 3 of my girls and creating lessons that are age appropriate for each.

It’s no secret that I am all about play based learning and so I have created 3 fun activities using the exact same printout. I love making the most out of each of this items I use because its all about saving time, am I right?

Plus I’ll share how we incorporate a fun snack into our learning and how easy it can be to make snack time a learning opportunity as well.




Sorting is a great way to start your little one on their color learning journey. In new beginning they can’t recognize the names of colors but they do understand the difference between them. We use these color cards. At this age they are just learning to sort but make sure to be very verbal as you go through this activity with your child to start building their color vocabulary





Once they know colors very well and have mastered sorting they are ready to go to the next level. I use these fun puzzle pieces to help with word recognition and help teach  about  fruits and veggies. They find the word (printed in that color) and matches it to the corresponding fruit or veggie. Kids love this game and we use this opportunity to talk about where our fruits and vegetables come from and how important they are for our bodies.




My daughter Lucille is almost reading. In addition to the color cards I also print the word cards for her in black and white. That way she isn’t relying on the color she sees and she is really working on reading the word. Then we have snack time and match our Goldfish colored crackers to our matched cards. My 5 year old loves these snacks




Click here to download the puzzle we use:






We love these Goldfish color crackers and you can see how they work seamlessly into our daily lessons. Did you know that the colors in these Goldfish are sourced from plants? How cool is that?

From beets and peppers to Watermelon and Tumeric, you can feel good about whats inside your kids snacks. Plus 100% real cheese. My girls love Goldfish color crackers and I love giving it to them.


To celebrate, Goldfish is giving fans the chance to “vote” for their favorite color to get its own limited edition bag at select retailers this spring.


CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite.


What activities do you do with your kids to teach them colors? I would love to hear your suggestions below.