Gift Guide for your Three Year Old Girl

If you are anything like me and have totally waited to the last minute to do your holiday shopping this is the list for you. Or if you just want to find that fun and unique item for your little one take a look at these fun items. I have compiled some of my girls favorite things (and my favorite things to buy them) and shared them with you to hopefully make your holiday shopping a tad easier.

From Left to Right/Top to Bottom:
HunterBoots– We recently have this new found obsession with puddle jumping. Lucille has yet to own a pair of rain boots so up until now I have been letting her jump in her jelly shoes (which she recently outgrew). This gift definitely falls within one of her novelty items because seriously I don’t even have a pair of hunter boots. I just couldn’t help it, they are so darn cute and when we tried them on in Nordstrom she jumped for joy. “Look how high I can jump now mommy” how could I resist?!?!
Dylbug Dish Set– I recently stumbled upon Dylbug on Instagram and I literally fell out of my chair it was so unbelievably cute. These plates are customized to look like your little one (boy or girl) and come with a cookie cutter to create articles of clothing out of your child’s food. This explanation does not even do it justice, you need to take a look at this Instagram page to see how creative some parents get with their plates. I don’t know about you but getting my 3 year old to eat is about as easy as pulling teeth. I know she is going to love these plates and how much fun she and I can have together making cute little outfits. Check out thiscar setwe choose for my nephew in case your little one is more interested in cars and trains.
Z Dough– What kid doesn’t love getting their hands dirty and being creative. What mom doesn’t love amazingly creative scents and a natural product for their little one to play with. Crafts are big in our house so this a must. With scents like “Snowy Peppermint” and “Pumpkin Spice” I cant wait to get my hands on some.
Koala Crate– I couldn’t wait and had to share this wonderful little box on Instagram. Here is what I said: “Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? I’m not even close ? If you are stumped, like me, on what to get your toddler you have to take a look at @koalacratekids. I always struggle with finding that perfect gift promoting creativity and learning all the while just plain fun. This box has it all!I love this company. They believe that children learn by playing and doing because they are naturally curious and creative. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas, purchase all the materials and implement an activity that is educational and fun. @koalacratekidsmakes it easy by designing engaging projects for your child. From ages 3 to 16+, @koalacratekids is the perfect gift of carefully curated boxes delivered right to your door every month. With themes like “reptiles” and “story time” you are sure to find something your toddler adores. Plus everything you need is included so it’s easy to embrace the creative process. My girls and my nephew (sorry spoiler alert?) are going to find their first box under the Christmas tree. I can’t wait to see how much they love it.” To get $10 off your first order visitTHIS LINK. I love how this gift is the gift that keeps on giving, a box every month to keep my kiddos entertained.
Happy Dolls By Lesya– Every year I try to get my girls something that will occupy our days as the year goes on like swim lessons or music class. Last year Grandma got Lucille ballet classes and she loved it so we are thinking of doing the same thing this year. I wanted to tie in this little ballerina so it can really sink in that she gets to go to ballet class and it isn’t just an envelope with a letter that says “yippie you are going to ballet”. Plus my girls are really into dolls and the Ella Bella Ballerina book series. If you haven’t read it check it outHERE. I love that this ballerina doll is handmade from another mom here in the united states. I love to support handmade businesses whenever I can.
All Things Lovely Co– I’ve had my eye on these mermaid blankets for a long time. I can see us now, cuddled up on the couch and my girls so excited to be wrapped up like a mermaid. Heck I want one!
Free Babes Handmade– We are going to be a family of 3 girls so we have A LOT of bows. These bows are very different than any others we own. Free Babes makes such a high quality and beautiful product I want to get my girls one of everything. Again another mama making a great product right here in the united states. It gets me all giddy to think that my small purchase helps another family have a great Christmas.
Prince Lionheart Balance Scooter– Lucille loves to be outside and I think this is the year for a bike. I have heard great things about balance bikes and this one just stole the show. I love the design and it’s a great price. Check it outhere
Raine and Skye– Want the perfect gift for your girlie girl? These bags are to die for! This bag is part of the WANDERLUST collection. This collection is based on the strong and irresistible impulse our children have to travel the world, to explore the unknown. I know this is the perfect accessory for my little traveler.
Shop Sweet Threads– This online boutique has everything and anything your little heart could desire for boys and girls. Want to find that unique handmade item? This is the place to look. Be prepared to drool. Everything is beyond gorgeous!
***Edith’s list coming soon***
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