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With two little girls and one on the way it’s safe to assume that we have A LOT of bows. TONS of bows actually. I’ve become quite the bow connoisseur. So I have to share some of my insight with you, NOT ALL BOWS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Seriously, do you know how many bows I have gone through that don’t stay in (might as well be in the garbage) fall apart or just don’t look good up close?! It’s hard finding a good quality bow.

That is why I have to share this amazing shop with you.A Little Lady Shopis your one stop shop for the prettiest accessories for your little girl. These bows are gorgeous and I love the attention to detail. What makes these bows extra special?A Little Lady Shopclips are lined with coordinating ribbon and a proprietary no-slip-grip technology that is EXCLUSIVE to their shop. It holds hair better than any other slip-grip out there! I love it and it works great in my girls super fine hair! Especially for little Edith, I clip it in and the bow stays so she is a lot less likely to notice it and pull it out.

Marie started this company small, a mother by day and a bow maker by night. A Little Lady Shop began when she wanted headbands for her first daughter four years ago. She bought and experimented with different materials and came up with a few basic designs. With extra material, she soon opened up an Etsy shop to see if any of the bows would sell. The designs were well received and since then,A Little Lady Shophas sold thousands of headbands.
The beauty of these bows speak for themselves.

I am obsessed with theirnew spring collection.

I just can’t get over theirBaby Bundles. I love the dainty look of a little bow on a newborn and sometimes I just don’t want a whole headband. Unfortunately my girls had very little hair so clips were a no-go. Girlie glue is the perfect solution! Girlie Glue is an all natural glue. Just add a dab or two and accessories will stick right on. At the end of the day, a little water will rinse this glue right off.

A Little Lady Shop also carries the most adorableswaddle blankets,beaded flower crowns, andbracelets. I am just swooning over all the beautiful designs.
Here is one of our first and favorite headbands fromA Little Lady Shop. This picture is from a while back and so this bow is no longer in stock but dont worry there are plenty new beauties to choose from. Awe look at my little Lu, times sure does fly.

A Little Lady Shop has been so generous to give one of my readers a $20 gift card to their shop! I’ll be hosting the giveaway on instagram so be sure to follow usHEREto see the details and enter to win.

Good luck and happy shopping friends!

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