I decided to surprise my girls with a fun new Easter tradition this year. We normally do an Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning and since we are changing that a bit (read about that here) I thought about how I could make our Easter egg hunt a bit different. That is when I came up with the idea of a Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt.


Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

We tried this glow in the dark egg hunt last night and let me tell you this is going to be a tradition we keep for a long time. My girls loved it and were so excit3ed they got to stay up past bedtime and have treats!

How It Works

  • Use the LED eggs I found below or just fill regular plastic eggs with mini glow sticks
  • Fills eggs with treats of choice
  • Hide around the yard or even around your house at night
  • Let you kids stay up late and find these special eggs

What y0u need

  • LED Eggs (or plastic eggs and glow sticks)
  • Lots of treats
  • Map

Watch the video



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