Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of them all. I love all the dressing up and the spooky decor, and of course the excuse to eat candy. With the big changes we did to the exterior of our home this year I have been counting down the days to Halloween so I can decorate. I am so excited to share my Halloween home decor with you with hopes it can inspire your Halloween farmhouse style this year.

Exterior Halloween Decor

I really wanted to keep it simple and on budget. I ordered a few spiders and my husband helped me attach them to the house. We tried a few techniques but found that these hooks worked best because they are meant for exteriors.

classic black spiders on a white farmhouse #halloween

It helped that we used rubbing alcohol to clean the dirt off the area first. I would also suggest placing the spiders in areas where they won’t get wet. We placed them under the gutters instead of on the roof so they could avoid most of the rain during a storm.

We added some mums, a cute layered doormat (that I actually made myself) and some cinderella pumpkins to complete the look.

This simple Halloween home decor is perfect for my white farmhouse exterior


classic black spiders on a white farmhouse - simple exterior home decor #halloween

Witch Themed Foyer

I’ve had these hooks in my foyer for quite some time and I thought how much fun would it be to make it a little broom drop area.

DIY floating witch hats #halloweendecor
DIY floating witch hats - simple halloween decor

As you walk in you will find the witch brook parking. This was super simple to make. I used the hooks I already had and picked up this adorable sign. For the hats, I used a fishing line and a needle and strung the line through the tops of the hats. You will need to tie the line to something on the inside of the hat. I used a little an eraser but anything would work. I found if I didn’t do this and just created a not the line would slip right through. I then taped them to my ceiling at various heights. Some of the brooms were purchased and some my daughters and I made by tieing sticks together with twine.

simple farmhouse halloween decor
simple farmhouse halloween decor

For my entry table I used a black cloth and some old bottles I had around the house for a witches potion area. We added a black light and a skeleton hand to my old typewriter to give an extra special touch. The faux potion books were a fun find too!

simple and inexpensive halloween decorations
if you've got it haunt it

Skeleton Themed Family Room

Simple and spooky we really tried to keep it minimal in here. WE used a few skeleton themed items we owned.

The bleeding candles intrigued the girls. They kept asking me to light them but nothing happened at first. After about 15 minutes it had enough wax melted that it started to bleed.

simple farmhouse halloween decor

This little black skeleton is from the target dollar spot a few years ago. I just taped him up there to transform my wreath into something a bit more spooky.

Spider themed Dining Room

We brought the spiders into the dining room as well. The decals and table runner gave my Halloween home decor a big impact on a very little budget.

simple halloween mantle
simple halloween mantle

Halloween Kitchen Decor

Here is a little sneak peek of something I have in the works. I have some fun wine tags coming soon.

In regards to Halloween home decor I keep it really simple in my kitchen. This is my one festive area and the rest is a big ol mess.

Halloween Book Nooks

Here are some of our book nooks this year. We love Halloween books. You can read all about the ones we love and why in our Halloween Book Post!

I love throwing on a festive garland. Here are a few of our favs.

I hope you enjoyed this home tour. Be sure to visit my Instagram to see all the details and the other ladies who have partnered with me to share their homes as well.