Happy Halloween – Alice in Wonderland

We take Halloween seriously around here. I like to dress up, my man likes to dress up, and the kids LOVE to dress up. I think they love it that much more because we get into it so much.

This year we choseAlice in Wonderland.

Lucille recently fell in love with the movie and we have been watching it quite a bit. Plus look at these girls in their costumes. They are just too cute for words!

This little white rabbit was always running, I think she was late for a very important date.

We carried on the family tradition from last halloween. Also a disney movie, last year we didThe Little Mermaidbecause Ariel was a household obsession. We had such a blast. Look how little they are. I think I could cry. And why am I always the villain?

We had a great time trick or treating around the neighborhood. Edith didn’t care about the candy too much but Lucille used her charm to get handfulls.

Have you guys heard of the Swtich Witch? This was the first year the Switch Witch visited us. The kids leave their candy for the Switch Witch and in exchange they get a present. Lu got some barbie clothes and Edith got a baby doll stroller.

Think our kids are always photo ready? Totally the opposite. I probably have 100 outtakes to get the one good picture I need. Even though these aren’t perfect I still love them. After chasing the kids for 20 minutes we realized our costume choice might have been a little warm for Florida halloween.

Here are some pics of our halloween decorations in our home. Pretty minimal but at least something. Most of the items are from target (you know I love target) and we incorporated some of our current decor to save some money.

Hope you had a fun and safe halloween with a lot of candy!
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