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Hi I’m Diana

I am so glad you are here!

My name is Diana, mama to these 3 and wife to the man of my dreams, Scott.

Meet my girls:

The vivacious and strong-willed girly girl – Lucille Gray

The curly-haired cuddle child who wears her heart on her sleeve – Edith Ruby

The happiest baby you’ve ever met who has never met a meal she didn’t like – Hazel Caroline

If you visit often you are sure to see a lot of them. They are my inspiration and keep me on my toes.


I’ll tell you a bit about why I started The Gray Ruby Diaries:

I realized quickly after entering motherhood that this gig is really hard, being a good mother and a good wife and a good friend and a good person, it can be exhausting. I started writing as a form of therapy, to find myself, clear my head and help me reflect. What I didn’t realize was how my writing would impact others?!? I share my journey with hopes that you can take something away that can help you in your daily life. Maybe you struggle with loneliness like I did for a long time or maybe you need some advice on getting your toddler to eat veggies, I share it all with hopes that my experiences will help in some way.

At first I thought this blog was about me. I was so so wrong. This blog might be stories of my family but what it turned out to be is a place where we can come together, set aside our differences, and realize that we all want to be the best versions of ourselves… we have more in common than we ever thought we could.

If you know anyone who could possibly take something away for my site please share thegrayruby.com with them. It really is the nicest compliment I could ever receive.

Please feel free to chime in. Comment, email, tag me. I love hearing from you. Together we can learn so much.