Decorating my home for Halloween might be one of my favorite things to do. I searched Pinterest for months trying to find the perfect Halloween decor inspiration but everything I liked was just too expensive. So it sent me on a mission to find something I loved but also something I could afford. That is when I came up with the idea of giant spiders. The idea was great but how was I going to attach Halloween spiders to the house.

How to Attach Halloween Spiders On The House

The idea of decorating with spiders was so cute and pretty inexoensive. Since the spiders were so big I only needed a few to cover my home. I love how the black pops on my white house.

It might suprise you but attaching them was actually pretty easy. We were able to do it in less than 2 hours.

How to attach spiders to your house

Supplies Needed

  1. Giant Spiders
  2. Medium Spiders
  3. Adhesive hooks

I ordered these spiders because I liked that they had the long legs to be able to cover the most surface area. They came packed in a small box so I quickly took them out and stretched them out. Once I had them ready I planned out the placement.

Giant spiders for the house

I then used these adhesive hooks to get the spiders to stay up there.

First I used rubbing alcohol to wipe the area clean, let it dry and attached the hooks. These hooks are much larger and much stronger than your typical adhesive hooks. The spiders arent heavy but they need to withstand the weather so that is why we like these hooks over the others.

How to attach giant spiders to your home

The trick to getting the spiders to look their best was to not overextend the spiders legs. Leave them bent to help it look more “natural”.

The spiders I ordered had legs that were easy to bend so I just bent the leg around the hook. That was the easy part, getting on my second story was not as easy. Good thing I had my husband close by to help.

How to attach halloween spiders to the home

The best part of this project is you can do it for future Halloweens! Overall I spent about $100 but this will last me for years to come.

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