We all know how crazy that 5 o’clock crunch can be.


Trying to get dinner ready.


Kids doing everything in their power to stop you from getting dinner ready.


A fussy baby, because we all know that witching hour is a real thing.


The more I tired to distract them the more they fought for my attention. After many frustrating evenings I decided to try something new. I decided to let them be a part of our dinner prep and help them learn a new responsibility. I was pleasantly surprised that with a few small tweaks I was able to have them happily and safely help me get dinner on the table. We learned math with measurements, we learned patience when taking turns, we practiced our motor skills with stirring, we were held accountable for our responsibilities, and believe it or not, we enjoyed dinner more because we made it with our own two hands. I was shocked at how much they ate after the first night.


My girls love being my little helpers and I love having their help.

I try to pick out easy to prepare dishes not only to get dinner on the table quickly but also to make it easy for them to help. That is why I love Dorot frozen herbs. Not having to prep my garlic or basil cuts down on some significant time and makes our whole process easier.

Dorot frozen herbs innovates the way you cook. They freeze their herbs within 90 minutes of harvest making sure to give you the highest quality product. All of the cubes are pre-portioned making it easy, especially when I have little girls eager to help. Unlike other pre-minced herbs, Dorot is just as fresh and tasty as if you grabbed it from the garden yourself. One thing garden herbs can’t give you? A TWO YEAR SHELF LIFE, (yes you heard correctly I said two years), so I won’t be throwing away tons of rotten basil or moldy garlic again.

My girls love grabbing the little cubes and adding them in and I love that I don’t have smelly little hands in the process. When we add the Dorot garlic cubes I noticed that it didn’t leave this overwhelming smell on our hands like it does when I cut it myself.

I do want my girls to learn to use a knife but when I have all three in the kitchen with me I can’t give each girl the one on one attention they need to do it safely. That is another reason Dorot fits right into my mealtime routine, no knives needed. Which is great when you have little hands all around you.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Dorot for yourself I would highly suggest it. It was easy to find in the freezer section of my local Whole Foods.

I have some great news! Dorot has agreed to give all of my readers a special coupon so you can try this innovative product for yourself.



Tonight we are having a cheesy alfredo chicken pasta. The girls love mac n cheese so it works for them and we love how elevated this tastes so it works for us too.