They pull on our pant legs, not even realizing they are stealing little moments that used to be ours.
“Marriage is a lot of work”
We had no idea what that really meant until now.

Loving you was easy when my free time was abundant and my patience was full and my arms were only meant for you.

Now I share those arms with 3 beautiful little girls whose needs far exceed our own.

Now my body shows the wear of carrying three beautiful lives and I feel far from the woman who said “I do” all those years ago.

Now our romantic nights are replaced with picking up toys and washing dishes until our eyes are heavy.

Now our hearts are exploding with love but still yearning for something more, a glimpse of what our love used to be.

This season is hard, it’s hard on a marriage.

It’s a true test of what love really is.

Marriage is a lot of work.

And it’s times like these when the to-do list is overflowing and what’s already on our plate seems daunting that we put the “work” to the side.

Juggling it all seems impossible but still we never question if it’s worth it.

So for now I’ll steal the little moments I can and embrace that this chaos shall pass and know that although the truest of loves can be tested the strongest will prevail.

Just a glimpse in those green eyes and I know it will all be ok. My head resting on the shoulder of the man who carries me through it all.