I am pretty sure you are tired of hearing all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Everyone is talking about it and it’s well deserved. This sale is probably one of my favorites because unlike others that discount old and out of season pieces. This sale discounts new season pieces first and it goes back to full price after.

Even though I don’t do a lot of shopping during the anniversary sale (darn budget) I like to stock up on items that I can’t live without.

Since the sale falls around the same time as my birthday I take the opportunity to treat myself to a few things that I absolutely love.

Here is what you are going to find in my picks below.

  1. Pieces I LOVE. Not just ones I kind of like. Since I am on a tight budget I can’t get everything. That means my deserning eye has to find the pieces that I will get the most use of and really fit my true style.
  2. These are going to be everyday MOM LOOKS. As much as I love to get dressed up its just not practical for me to invest in a lot of these types of pieces. I need pieces that are easy and comfortable but still look great. I made sure that I picked items that are going to get a lot of use.
  3. This isn’t going to be a big list because I am only sharing my best picks. I am not going to just add things to this this just to add them. These are actually the items in my cart> Plus you will notice that the prices all fall under $100. I want to make the most of my little bit of spending money so I need to make sure I am shopping smart.


Ok here you go, here are the items that I love for this years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Just click on the image and it will take you directly to that page on Nordstrom.com


Here are my top three picks from the list:

  1. This free people sweater is definitely my number 1. Even though we don’t wear a lot of sweaters in Florida I love having chunky cardigans that I can throw on when Im at church or the mall or layer during those colder months. I love the details on this one and even though this is a little more than I would usually spend I consider it an investment because the ones I have that are similar I have used for years. I am considering this one a true birthday present splurge.
  2. The BP pullover is light and can be worn off the shoulder (this is the bralette I love to pair with these types of tops) and is the perfect color. I can see myself wearing this one a lot.
  3. Finally these leggings are a must. They have to be one of my favorites and for this price I might just have to get two!


I hope this list helps you navigate the very overwhelming Nordstrom anniversary sale. I would love to see your picks, leave me a comment and tell me which ones you love.

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