I’ve compiled a list of our favorite Valentines Day activities that are toddler friendly. I have 3 things that I look for when I am scouring Pinterest for our next project. First, it has to be easy. I definitely don’t have time for a lot of prep work. Second, I prefer if it’s somewhat educational. Playing and learning is a double win! Lastly, it has to be inexpensive. I prefer it if I can find most things around the house so I don’t have to make multiple trips to Michaels. I do keep a craft box in the playroom with a few essentials we use all the time.
Take a look and try these favorites with your little ones.
1. This is an activity both can girls can do. We work on the fine motor skills for my little one while my big one practices her alphabet. Plus at the end you have a cute Valentines Day wreath you can gift to the grandparents or hang as decor

Valentines Day Alphabet Wreath atMom Inspired Life
2. We are always trying to find interesting ways to work on our sight words. Even little sister likes to help. Anything to get them moving and learning.

Sight Word Heart Delivery atGrowing Book by Book
3. Don’t throw out those celery ends after your snack. These make the most darling roses. One of my girls favorite activities.

Celery painting atMoonfrye 
4. I love this button craft and it’s cute enough to keep framed all year

Framed button heart atCarrie Elle 
5. We are really working hard on our alphabet. Here are 4 Valentines Day activities that keep my girls interested for more than 5 minutes.

Valentines Day Alphabet Games atThe Educators Spin On It
6. Love being outdoors like my kiddos?!? Then you will love this bird feeder craft. Incorporate some educational facts about one of the local birds you see in your backyard.

Fruit Loop Bird Feeder atSweet and Simple Living 
7. This one has to be the coolest on the list. We havent tried it yet but I know my girls will go nuts. Any excuse to get messy, am i right?!

Foaming hearts sensory play atTwodaloo
8. Here is Lu’s creative masterpiece. A toilet paper roll and some red paint and voila, daddy’s Valentines Day card is complete.

There you go, that should keep your toddler busy for at least 10 minutes ;)
I would love to hear some of your favorite Valentines Day activities. Leave a comment below.