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25 Disney Activities for Kids

25 easy Disney crafts for kids

Now that the parks are closed we sure have missed our Disney visits. This week I decided to bring Disney home by doing some fun Disney activities with my kids. I reached out to some of my super creative friends and asked them to share some of their best Disney inspired activities too. They did not disappoint. I am rounding up 25 of my favorite Disney Activities you can do with your kids today!   25 Disney Activities for Kids…

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Simple Cinderella Crafts for Kids

Cinderella Crafts for kids

With this extra free time on our hands, and the happiest place on earth being closed, we decided to make a little Disney magic at home. The girls and I came up with some simple craft ideas. Everything from a coloring sheet to a homemade crown. We dressed in Cinderella dresses and spent most of the day doing these 5 activities. The girls had so much fun with our Cinderella crafts for kids and we really hope you little ones…

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10 ways to learn with Sidewalk Chalk

learning with sidewalk chalk

Learning from home doesn’t have to be boring. I am constantly looking to find engaging and fun ways for my girls to learn. Bonus points if those activities involve going outside and burning off some energy. Sidewalk walk chalk is an inexpensive item that we almost always have on hand. So I thought why not use sidewalk chalk to learn. Here are 10 ways we learn with sidewalk chalk. 10 ways to learn with sidewalk chalk 1. Hopscotch math –…

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What To Wear On A Cruise

I don’t normally love packing, but there is something so fun about packing for a cruise. All the fun beach items plus some more elegant pieces for the fancy dinners. This was a rare trip in that I didn’t bring my kids. Since I didn’t have to worry about my usual packing troubles (hello 3 young kids) I got to focus a lot more on myself and my cruise style. I wanted to find some inexpensive pieces that would be…

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Cruising on The Carnival Breeze with Kids

Carnival Breeze with kids

We are still wishing we were on our week-long cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze and to say we had a great time would be a huge understatement. To be honest, it was so much fun, and I have so much to share, that I don’t even know where to start. So this post is the first of a multi-post series sharing our favorite parts of the trip. Along with several things we feel you should know before taking a family…

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Chocolate Fondue Dessert Board

Fondue Dessert Board

Scott and I like to have a lot of date nights at home. Going out when you have kids can be expensive. The cost of the babysitter and the restaurant really add up. We started to really be intentional with our time and home and adding these special touches to make it feel like a real date night.   Our Chocolate Fondue Dessert board One of our favorite date night ideas was this Fondue Desser Board we made for Valentines…

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Valentines Day Gifts for Little Girls

Valentines day gifts for little girls

I wanted to surprise my little valentines this year with a sweet little gift. The problem is, I totally waited until the last minute! Thank goodness for Amazon. I searched for the sweetest gifts for my girls to make them feel special during this holiday all about love. Here are some of my top picks for my daughters Valentine’s day basket and my favorite Valentine’s day gifts for little girls.   Valentines Day Gift Basket Ideas Cuddle + Kind Doll…

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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review

sonic the hedgehog

I had the opportunity to take the girls to preview the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I was a Sega lover as a kid, and I was so excited to see how they brought one of my favorite video games to life. Could this work? A video game with really loyal fans would be a hard adaptation. Also, could they make this fun for the generation who didn’t recognize Sonic as an iconic character? Here is the Sonic the Hedgehog movie…

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What to expect at Lego Ninjago Days at LEGOLAND Florida

Lego Ninjago Days

My girls have been playing with legos since before they could walk. Now they build masterpieces they display in their bedrooms and even use legos for their school activities. We were so excited to find out we were invited to LEGO NINJAGO DAYS Media Weekend. This was our chance to not only explore LEGOLAND for the first time but we could celebrate our favorite ninja heroes! Here are some of the things we learned on our visit and hopefully this post…

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Cruising To Grand Turk With Kids

Grand Turk With Kids

If you have stumbled upon my blog lately, then you know that we just got back from a beautiful cruise on the Carnival Breeze. One of the places we stopped was the Grand Turk, and it was a fantastic experience! There were so many awesome things about this place that both myself and the kids loved! If you are looking for some great vacation ideas for your family this year, you may want to consider making Grand Turks one of…

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