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Why Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class Ships are the perfect choice for a family cruise

I have to be honest with you. I use to think a family cruise was the worst vacation idea ever. As a long time cruiser I didn’t think that cruises had a lot to offfer young kids. Here’s the thing, not all cruise ships are created equal. Based on my experience of cruising with many different companies throughout the years, I was worried that my kids wouldn’t enjoy the trip and therefore I wouldn’t enjoy it either. What I didn’t…

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Farmhouse Pantry Organization Must Haves

farmhouse pantry organization

I am currently in the middle of a big project at my house, redoing my pantry. Ok, maybe not the biggest renovation but I couldn’t stand the clutter wired shelves any longer. I convinced Scott to do this little project with me. Well some out of town visitors, a few sick kids (and hubby) and this project has been delayed quite a bit. Nevertheless I have still been shopping for all my farmhouse pantry organization must haves. I’ve found an…

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Disney Tips – Our favorite things to do at Epcot with Kids

Epcot with kids

After posting about our most recent trip to Epcot with kids I was surprised how many people sent me a message questioning if the park was fun for little ones. Epcot is so incredibly fun for kids! I know Magic Kingdom has the big reputation for being the kids favorite. Its well deserved because it is pretty spectacular. But you might not expect it but Epcot is a really fun park for little ones too. My girls constantly ask to…

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Feeding Families One Garden at a Time – #ProjectFlourish

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #ProjectFlourish campaign, sponsored by Zephyrhills® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.     My girls use their little garden tools to kick up dirt, probably making more of a mess than anything. I watch closely as their eyes light up, looking at me with this sense of accomplishment as they see something they tended and nurtured for months grow into something really beautiful.…

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stressed out mom

This year I am spending a lot of time focusing on myself. After 6 years of being a parent I have finally realized that to be the best mom for my girls I need to take care of myself first. I stopped thinking that it was selfish and started realizing that making sure I was not overwhelmed, tired, or stressed-out was the best gift I could give them. I have partnered with Natural Vitality CALM to share a few things…

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7 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Smooth for New Moms

I am so happy to have as a guest contributor for my site today. As a new mom breastfeeding came with so many questions and was a fantastic resource for me. Take a look at this article to find so much great information that is sure to be helpful as you start your breastfeeding journey. As far as parenting is concerned, nothing will be close to smooth, well at least in the beginning. Sleepless nights, multiple diaper changes,…

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Visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia – A Family Travel Guide

Blue Ridge Mountains with Kids

For New Years we decided to escape to the mountains with family and avoid the hustle and bustle of our busy social calendar at home. After some research, and a desire to not drive a really far distance, we decided on the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. The Blue Ridge Mountains with kids and the rest of our family was the perfect choice and here is why. I had never been to Blue Ridge Mountains with kids, or really any…

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Things to do in Tampa with your family this Christmas

My girls are at the perfect age to really appreciate the holidays. They get into the cookie decorating and tree trimming and all things Christmas. Part of the fun is all the local events that take place during the year. There are so many fun things to do in Tampa with your family that I decided to put them all in one place. That way you can start planning your Holiday adventures without all of the hassle of searching multiple…

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Gift Guide for little girls 2018

Christmas gift guide

Each year I search and search for the perfect gifts for my girls. This doesn’t always mean the newest and coolest toys. My search consists of careful consideration of what is needed and useful, as well as fun too. As I think of quality over quantity I am reminded that during this season of giving, more is not always better. I tried to implement this in my gift guide for little girls this year. Each year we practice a way…

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Why It Took 6 Years For My Husband And I To Take A Trip Without Our 3 Kids And How We Decided We Were Finally Ready

It wasn’t like we planned it this way. Weeks turned into months and then finally we realized how much time had passed. My husband Scott and I, after being parents for six years, realized we had never spent an entire night together away from our kids. Sure we had date nights and home dates and tons of times to connect but we had never had an entire 24 hours to ourselves. A whole day to make each other a priority.…

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