My daughter loves Star Wars. Not just loves Star Wars, but loves all things Star Wars. So when we started to talk about what type of birthday she wanted I was not suprised when she said “a pink Star Wars one, mommy”. I was on a really tight budget and only had 3 days to get this done, but some how I was able to pull off a pretty cute Star Wars birthday party for girls.

Star Wars birthday party for girls - baby Yoda birthday party ideas

Star Was Birthday Ideas

Since I was on a budget for this party I scoured Pinterest for Star Wars decor ideas that would make the biggest imact. That is when I came across the idea of creating a fringe backdrop with plastic table cloths.

Star Wars birthday party ideas

Yes this backdrop is made with table cloths!

I am working on a full tutorial for you because this project is so good. I am usually one who loves balloon arches (you can read my tutorial here) but this project was even easier.

It is a bit time consuming to make, but it creates such a big impact for a total price of about $30!!!

The sign I made myself. I found a font on and printed it out at home! See, I told you I was on a budget.

Baby Yoda Birthday Party

Not only did my daughter want a girly Star Wars party, she wanted it to be specificially baby yoda themed. So that sent me on a mission to find all the baby yoda things I could.

I love to make things from scratch but I also love using store-bought items when I can.  I even did this with her birthday cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake

I am going to share with you my best cake hack ever! I buy store bought cakes. scrape off the icing and decorate it the way I like it.

Star Wars birthday cake
I started this technique with Hazel’s My Little Pony party and used it for Lu’s Star Wars party as well.

I just found some cute sprinkles and used my hands to cover the sides.

My girl had the best day and I hope you enjoyed see the pictures from our day. I hope this post inspired you for your own Star Wars birthday party for girls.