The Gray Ruby’s Favorite Christmas Books

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For the past few years we have been collecting Christmas books. Every year, on Christmas Eve, Twinkle the elf brings the girls a Christmas book to read before they go to bed. I love this tradition and my girls love the books!

Here is the book shelf in our playroom. During the holidays I switch the books out for all our Christmas books so its easier to grab a Christmas book anytime of the day. I find when I have them out we tend to read them a lot more.

Here are our favorites. I’ve also linked where you can buy them. You can even get them before Christmas!
Frozen– This book rarely leaves the shelf. I don’t think I have to tell you why. At least since it talks about snow I feel like it finally fits in.
Elf on the Shelf– If you aren’t doing the elf on the shelf then I would highly recommend picking up this book with your little elf. Our Elf is named Twinkle and every night, when the kids are asleep, she moves to a new part of the house. On nights that I have a tiny more energy Twinkle might find herself in some funny shenanigans. This is a really fun tradition that my girls love. We read the book often since Twinkle is a constant presence in our home. We even haveTHIS MOVIE.
Little Elf– The story of a little elf and the book is the perfect size for little hands. You will more than likely find this book thrown all over the house. They play with it a lot!
Merry Christmas Stinky Face– We love the Stinky Face series and this one is especially cute. I love the creativity of this book and my girls love the “Christmassaurus”. The fact that its a board book makes it really easy to grab and go too so most times you will find this book in my purse.
The Snow Queen– Hiding there in the back of the first shelf is The Snow Queen. What a shame because this is a beautiful book written by Hans Christian Anderson (writer of the little mermaid). This book was given to the girls from my husband’s grammy and the illustrations are just stunning. Be sure to pick up this book, its a classic.
The Story of Christmas– This short board book is the perfect way to share the real meaning of Christmas with my girls. I love how simple they make the story of baby Jesus so it’s easy for my girls to understand. When we bring in ourNATIVITY SCENEit becomes a great interactive activity which really engages the girls.
The Christmas Mice– This book was recommended by a friend and it is just so cute. We love anything from The Little Golden Books Collection. We also haveTHIS ONEandTHIS ONE. My girls were talking about the little mice all day after reading this book for the first time.
T’was The Night Before Christmas– We have a few variations of this book but this one has a special meaning. I gave this book to Lucille for her very first Christmas. It has the most beautiful illustrations. I love the tradition of reading this book with my girls on Christmas Eve and it feels even more special when I read it from this book.
Stella Queen of the Snow– Stella shows her brother how cool the snow really is. Since we don’t have any snow we like to live vicariously through them.
The Itsy Bitsy Snowman– A book with the same rhyme as “the itsy bitsy spider” and just so darn cute. My girls love the little snowman with his parents and have already learned the words to sing along.
That’s not my Snowman– Probably my girls favorite this year. This touch and feel book is interactive and easy enough for Lucille now to recite it to her sister. Who doesn’t love a touch and feel book?!?! Definitely a must buy for your little one.

The one book not shown on my girls shelf isTHIS ONE. I am waiting to give this to my girls this Christmas Eve. Who grew up reading the Berenstain Bears? I did and that is why I just had to share it with my girls. Plus this topic is exactly where I wanted to go this year since I am really trying to help my girls understand how good it feels to give.
Hope you enjoyed our Christmas selection. I would love to hear what some of your favorites are. Please post those below.
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