Taking your young kids on a month-long or even week-long vacation sounds like a dream right? What if I told you that I packed everything they needed in a kids travel bag. Does that sound like a nightmare more than a dream vacation? I promise you it was not. I’ve gone through some different types of travel bags for kids to see which one was the best, worst, and which one would work best for my girls. 


Bringing only a backpack for an extended vacation 

I know what you’re thinking. She is absolutely crazy, bringing only a carry-on personal item for her kids to travel with for a month-long European vacation. Even a week-long vacation, this sounds like a far-fetched idea. This is something we have done in the past and it has made our traveling so much easier. 


What fits in the kids travel bag

For each girl the trick is to pack a few items each that can be matched with each other to make many outfits. For each girl their kid sized travel backpack will contain 7 to 8 outfits for our week-long beach vacation. This meaning that I may have only packed 3 or 4 tops and 2 or 3 bottoms to maximize space in the bag. Along with the few clothing items I have packed 4 swimsuits, 1 coverup, hats, water shoes and sandals. And to make the vacation and travel a little easier yet, some snacks and gum in the front pocket. 


How to choose the perfect kids backpack 

Backpack #1

I started with the travel backpack for kids from Williams Sonoma. This one still fits in dimensions but could run heavy, but the best part is that it comes with wheels so when that happens they are able to roll it. This backapck came in 2 different sizes, small and large. And depending on the size you choose this one would cost between $50 and $65. There are many different color and design options for this bag. 

Backpack #2

The next one I was looking at was the  Herschel YouthHeritage Backpack. This kids travel bag was the largest one, which is a huge plus. It probably was not the best, in the regards that it did not have many pockets. It would probably be best suited for older kids. This one came in 3  different sizes, kids, Youth, and Youth XL. Depending on which size, the price would range from $39.99 for the kids, $49.99 for the Youth and $59.99 for the Youth XL kids travel backpack. 

Backpack #3

State Backpack was the next I was looking at. These kids bags are great, they are very durable. The price for this kids travel bag is on the higher end at $90. It comes in one size but has many different color options to choose from. This backpack is the best for everyday gear and personal items, and can fit up to a 13” laptop in the main compartment. 

Backpack #4

Kids travel bag number 4 on my list is from JetKids and was at the top of the budget, pricing around $199.99. The price may look scary but it was well worth it. I’m not sure this one would be a traditional “kids travel backpack” as it doesn’t have the straps as any other backpack would have. The biggest pro for me on this bag is that the kids can ride on this bag. That makes traveling with younger kids so much simpler. 

Backpack #5

The fifth and final bag on the roster is Mountaintop Kids backpack. This is a much more affordable bag, starting at $20.99 on Amazon. It has many color options and is also perfect for everyday use as it is waterproof. This kids travel bag is on the larger size and has lots of room for those long week or month-long trips. The bag has a chest strap and padding in the back and straps for a more comfortable carry. 


The final countdown 

The time has come for our week-long trip, all with only backpacks. I’ve done the research and I think I know which of the kids travel bags will work best for my girls. Follow my vacation on Instagram and Tiktok and see which backpack I chose. I also share loads of packing tips and travel tips there too. 


Here’s some other backpacks also to consider:

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