Weekend Recap – Lions and Tigers and Donuts… oh my!

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Another great weekend in the books. Before Scott and I had kids we were always on the go and it’s funny how it really hasn’t changed. Don’t get me wrong I love a good cuddle day on the couch as much as the next person but most of our weekends are out on the town, exploring, and finding new gems in our amazing city.
We have annual passes to the zoo so you will find me and my little monkeys there often. Edith starts yelling “monnkkeess” as soon as we pull up. Lucille really loves the giraffes because at this zoo you can feed them lettuce.Lowry Park Zoowas rated #1 zoo by Parents Magazine and its easy to see why. There are so many amazing attractions and my kids want to do EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Edith (outfit is sold out but linked an outfit I’m obsessed with):Cardigan|Shirt|Pants|Shoes|Headband|
We had some cooler weather this weekend so it was nice to wear something other than shorts and tank tops.

These girls get into everything. Forget the stroller. Jumping, climbing, running in opposite directions, that is basically what our day looked like. Carousel bribery seemed to work though.

I love capturing moments like these. Gosh Lu and Eddie love their daddy so much. He is pretty lovable.

My beautiful three year old is really yearning for more independence. As we walked down the middle of the zoo we passed a food stand. Right smack in front there was a giant picture of DONUTS. My little sweet tooth saw it from a mile away. Scott and I have been trying to cut back on these types of little extras to save some money for the holidays. Packing snacks, eating lunches at home and really getting creative with responses when the kids say “I want that” has helped a lot. Today though was different, Lu had a few dollars and we thought we could turn this into a fun learning activity for her. We told her if she wanted donuts she would have to buy the donuts. She waited in line, she was actually really patient as she had four people in front of her, and walked up to the counter. Lu told the girl she wanted two sprinkle donuts and handed her a dollar. Just one dollar. She reiterated “two sprinkle donuts because my sissy needs one”, she knew she didn’t want to share. Three dollars. We worked on counting, asking politely, and what “cost” meant. One, two, three dollars. She had enough. She handed the girl her money and was so proud as she gave her sister a giant sprinkle donut. I will have to admit we were pretty proud too.

All that work was worth the reward.

I think they liked it. Good thing I brought the wipes.

I can’t believe how much my belly grew this week (maybe I should lay off the donuts too). I have to giggle when I can barely see my feet. All three girls, spending a day with mommy and daddy at the zoo.

This video cracks me up. Please disregard my obnoxious laughing in the background. Lu had no idea what she was doing and this went on the entire time she was on the bumper boats. More like “swim alone in a cirle boat”.

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