Halloween, my families favorite holiday. The whole month of October is filled with spooky activities and fun events to get the girls excited for the big night. Since my girls are still young I get a little nervous when deciding which events to take them too. At 6, 4, and 2 they don’t really love the really scary haunted houses or men with chainsaws jumping out at them so I am constantly on the hunt for a good mix of spooky and family friendly. This year we got to attend the media preview of Creatures of the Night by ZooTampa and it was exactly what we were looking for. I’m sharing what you need to expect when taking your little ones to Creatures of the Night to make your night a more enjoyable one.


Medusa Stone Cold Cave – When we first arrived we went to this attraction which is advertised as one of the scarier parts of the park. We definitely agree. I wouldn’t say it’s terribly bad for adults but for littles it can be quite a fright with unexpected things around the corner in this dark cave. If your littles are a bit braver but still not into a bigger fright, stay towards the front of the cave. The scarier stuff happens in the back.


Fairy Frightful Forest – My girls love fairies and my favorite part of this attraction was there was a very playful and not scary part in the beginning of this attraction. They actually tell you when you to turn around and head back if your littles don’t want to go into the scarier part of the forest. Big thumbs up for this! My older girls loved it!

Wolf Haven Village – Right as you enter ZooTampa you will see wolf haven village. The wolves were so nice to my young girls and even stopped for a snapshot. We were able to see a great show here as well with lots of fun dancing.

Carousel of Creeps – If you have been to ZooTampa then you have probably taken a ride on the carousel. It’s not much different during creatures of the night expect for the lighting  and spooky music. In the area around the carousel there are some ghosts that stay their distance so my girls weren’t too frightened. On that note all of the “creatures” were quite friendly and would definitely tone down the spookiness if they noticed my girls getting a bit scared. This really impressed me and why I will definitely be taking my girls back to this event over others.


Pumpkin Palooza – This area is the most kid friendly of them all. It is catered completely for the smallest guests of creatures of the night. The scarecrows are fun and silly and talked to my girls for what seemed like hours. My girls talked about those funny scarecrows for days. A highlight of the night for sure.


Critter Canal – It seems scary from a distance but there is nothing jumping out at you. If your little one can get over the fog and spider webs they will be perfectly fine passing through.


Scarab Point – Here is where Hazel made some best friends. The dancing mummies! Such a fun way to end our night.

Pigpimples School of Mystery and Mayhem – This show was a cute take on some other very well-known wizards and packed full of interesting animal facts. The girls giggled and pointed and loved this show. This is a must see when you go, do not miss it!

Food/Drink – There are some specialty food and drinks for the event that did not disappoint. I tried the buffalo Mac n’ cheese and an adult drink called “poison” and both were amazing. They also have the tombstone which is a black ice cream, I will definitely be trying that on my next visit.


Here is a little video showing all the fun we had 


Here are some more event details:
• The event is every Friday and Saturday evening, October 5-27, until 10 p.m. A variety of event admission options are available online or at the Zoo’s front gate including:
· Free and unlimited entry for Zoo Members
· Free entry for “pay for a day, come back all year” ticket holders on FRIDAY and before 4:00p.m. on SATURDAY
· Buy a daily admission ticket on event dates (valid for full day including event)
· Buy a special “after 4 pm” ticket starting at $24.95
· Thrill Passes starting at $5.00 provide priority access to Fairy Frightful Forest and Roaring Springs
Costume Note: Children (11 and under) are invited to arrive in their most spooktacular attire. For the comfort and safety and security of all guests, adults (ages 12 and up) may not wear masks, wigs, face paint or costumes of any kind. Toy weapons are prohibited.


I hope this list gives you a glimpse into what to expect at creature of the night at ZooTampa. If you have any questions write them in the comments below and I will try to help any way I can. I hope you have a great visit and as always I would love to see your pictures, you can always share them with me on Instagram.


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