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new at Busch Garden 2019
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As a resident of Tampa Bay, we find ourselves at Busch Gardens quite often. Whether it’s a solo trip or a trip with my kids, we are always in the parks. If you have been waiting to take your trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay Florida, this year is the year to go! From a new rollercoaster to exclusive pin trading within the park, there are a ton of unique events and attractions happening at Busch Gardens in 2019. If you are curious what’s new at Busch Gardens in 2019, here is everything you need to know.

Busch Gardens 60th Anniversary Celebration

In celebration of Busch Gardens turning 60 this year, the park is packed with a bunch of family-friendly events. In celebration, there are brand new rides, and even complimentary beer available for adults. Concerts will be held all 52 weeks of the year in celebration. 

Grand Opening of Tigris Coaster

Busch Gardens Tampa opened a new launch coaster that is now the tallest launch coaster in all of Florida as of Spring 2019. This 1,800-foot track mimics the power of the world’s largest big cat, the tiger. This new coast is full of twists, forward and backward, massive drop and a 150 foot shot into the sky. Every seat of this coaster gives you a completely new experience, so it’s worth riding more than once to get a unique thrill ride experience! If you are looking to put your dollar where it counts, shopping at the Tigris gift shop will give you the opportunity to give back to the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Five percent of the gift shop sales will be donated.

New at Busch Gardens in 2019

Year of Beer Event

In celebration of the Busch Gardens 60th anniversary, throughout the park, you’ll find beer samples of beer in the park. You can get two free beer samples at Garden Gate Cafe. This event is known as The Year of Beer in honor of Busch Gardens’ brewery roots. There will be 40 new brews to try as well as over 40 different local and international breweries to try.

New Pin Trading Experience

New to the parks this year, you can now participate in pin trading! New pins are released throughout the year so you can continue to trade and collect. To find these pins, head to a participating gift shop to find collectible pins and lanyards available for purchase. Pin trading is available between guests who are wearing a lanyard or with Busch Gardens Ambassadors. You can get three pins per Ambassador per day.

52 Weeks of Events 

Every week of the year, Busch Gardens is hosting a new event each week! Events will range from live concerts, fireworks, food festivals, and they are all free and included with your admission ticket price! 

New at Busch Gardens in 2019

Whether you have been visiting Busch Gardens every year, or have never been before, 2019 is the best time to visit! Whether you are traveling with adults or kids, there is something here for everyone!

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