My girls just love Disney and as they get older they have really shown an interest in all things Princess. Especially when I mentioned we would have a #disneykids princess tea playdate. I have to admit when I asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said “Princess” I kind of cringed.

Growing up I was never much of a girlie girl. Princesses didn’t resonate with me because I wasn’t into dresses and tiaras and maybe because, when I was younger, I didn’t really look past what I thought being a Princess meant. Why wouldn’t my daughter want to strive for more? A doctor or a pilot or a scientist, breaking down the preconceptions of gender in the workforce. I never knew that her wanting to be a Princess would be one of the best things that could ever happen to me. It opened my eyes and I realized the only boundaries were the ones I was creating for her.

Now I love when my girls play Princesses. It brings them joy, yes, but it’s so much more than that.

Why wouldn’t I want them to be like Merida, jumping around the room showing we can be brave and courageous just like her. I sing along as they belt the lyrics to their favorite Moana song and it brings me to tears to see them beam with confidence.  We sit together to read about Rapunzel and they can see that one day they can follow their dreams just the same. When the outside world tells them different, they look to Belle to see that beauty can really be found on the inside.

These are all core values I try to instill in my girls and because my girls see these attributes in their “role models” they want to emulate them. One of the things I love about Disney is how they break down boundaries in regards to how the world sees a princess and what it means to be a girl. So why wouldn’t I want my girls to be brave and confident and kind? If that is what it means to be a Princess than I would hope that every one of them strives to be a Princess one day when they grow up.

So when my girls say “mom, I want to grow up to be a Princess” I am going to be the proudest mom there is. Now I know that means more than fancy dresses and sipping tea. It means courage and strength and bravery and kindness, and that is all a mother could ever want for her girls.

When I asked my girls they wanted to have a playdate with some friends it was no surprise a tea party was what they asked for.


I think we would have a tea party every day of the week if they could.

#disneykids princess tea playdateI added a few simple touches to make this day special for my girls and it really took very little prep time at all.

#disneykids princess tea playdate

When it came to the party food we kept it very simple.A few healthy snacks mixed in with a few sweet treats made for a perfect time.

#disneykids princess tea playdate

We tried to tie everything into our princess theme. This is what we served:

Belle’s enchanted rose cupcakes

Aurora’s cookies

Fairy Godmother wands (grapes on a skewer)

Snow White’s kisses (chocolates)

Alice’s Wonderland tea (apple juice)

Rapunzel’s braids (licorice)

Ariel’s fish friends (fish shaped crackers)

The girls loved playing with the Disney Fab Fortune Tellers. My girls still wanted to play after everyone left.

#disneykids princess tea playdate

I hope you enjoyed following us along on our #disneykids princess tea playdate

If you are looking for more great Playdate ideas be sure to search #disneykids on social media. One of my favorite party ideas is the fit kids playdate by My girls were lucky enough to attend and it was a blast!


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